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Pray for God’s Continued Guidance and Leading

Pray for Open Doors, Open Hearts and the Willingness to Follow as God Leads

Join in the Discussion

Get a copy of the Micah Mission Info Packet

Share with Others who have Heart for the Homeless and Marginalized of our Community

Subscribe/Follow Micah Mission

Get email updates by emailing the word “subscribe” to

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Call Pastor Brian at (805) 260-6724 or (805) 717-1710 to set up a time to get together and share more about the Mission, where we are headed, what the next steps are, or how you can become an active part of the Micah Mission

Donate towards Micah Mission

Until we get our own 501c3 designation we are operating under Trinity Church’s umbrella. All donations can be made out to Trinity Church with a notation in the memo line that designates the funds are to go towards Micah Mission. All funds given in this manner will only be used for the Micah Mission. Cash donations can be donated in a envelope stating that they are for Micah Mission as well.

Any questions or concerns please contact Pastor Brian - (805) 717-1710

Our Mission

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